Education and Activities


Jack and Jill provides for the development of each child’s physical, creative, emotional, intellectual, social and language skills through play. We believe that children are intrinsically self motivated learners. They need time, space, materials and a teacher to act as a facilitator to provide activities that stimulate this motivation.

In this environment the child will grow through a diverse range of both indoor and outdoor play experiences, including focus on language,  stories, music and movement, arts and crafts, drama, role-plays, songs and finger plays. We also have set times where more focus is on "work" whether colouring, maths, reading or writing.


We mainly follow the UK's Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum but as all our children are unique, coming from different backgrounds having different needs, we adapt our programme to suit each individual child.

The content of the daily programme comes from observations made of children’s interests, needs and skills. Planning is based on the individual learning needs and abilities of the children. Our programme provides time for children to choose their own activities as well as teacher directed activities. Children are encouraged to find something that reflects, reinforces and helps them explore their interests and environment.

At Jack and Jill we feel that it is important for children to experience satisfaction and success of repetition and the security of the known. This in turn promotes confidence thus challenging the children to extend their learning base.  We feel that timetabling of the day is essential for young children as they need to know what happens next as it gives them a sense of order and structure. There is also some flexibility within the timetable for children who are engaged in ‘learning play’.